Skype Learn Chinese--the bridge: A New Way to Mainland Chinese

This book is written for English-speaking students who are taking Skype Learn Chinese courses. A basic level vocabulary and understanding of Chinese grammar and culture is presented in this Skype Learn Chinese series. It is an effort to introduce the Skype Learn Chinese students to the  language by explaining its basic principles in simple steps. The purpose is to prepare the student with a foundation on which to build, with confidence, its ensuing complexities.

Skype Learn Chinese  A New Way to Mandarin Chinese lesson 19

                                   Classifier Callig Cues                                

                                       A Summary            

Skype Learn Chinese  A New Way to Mandarin Chinese Lesson 19 Part I

Here are the cues in Skype Learn Chinese to recall the strokes needed for writing the classifiers from memory. Read each character’s in Skype Learn Chinese memory aid separately. After one reading, look away from the book of Skype Learn Chinese, and repeat the memory aid. Then write the character in Skype Learn Chinese in the air and say the Pinyin out loud. Go back and do it again in Skype Learn Chinese if you missed something. Do the next one the same way in Skype Learn Chinese. This puts the classifiers in short-term memory but they will become long-term, if you review them in your mind once in a while. You will find it is a lot easier in Skype Learn Chinese than having to write them over and over again. 


The scribe in Skype Learn Chinese must have been in his ‘cups’, when he thought of mù wood and bù no for this character. 

This classifier in Skype Learn Chinese is very common. It simply specifies the noun is one thing (she is a “ten”! ) 

Here a cat’s tale is documented as an important part of dian, a little thing  but big for a cat.


Skype Learn Chinese  A New Way to Mandarin Chinese Lesson 19 Part II

Well, Notebooks in Skype Learn Chinese are modern too. We all like our own things better. Life in Skype Learn Chinese is hard and self-discipline is really hard but good honest effort pays off. Just get it in Skype Learn Chinese into memory by checking that you can recall it. Then repeat it, later, for long-term. “Ding, Ding” Two hours. Take a break. The friendly bell doesn’t like too much study in Skype Learn Chinese.


take five minutes in Skype Learn Chinese? 




Girls obey Wendy and young ’men’ ask, “Why, Ben?”. 



The list in Skype Learn Chinese was left until last to emphasize that ‘recall’ is the goal of memorization. It doesn’t matter how hard you work in Skype Learn Chinese at memorizing if the brain doesn’t recall the stuff. Here in Skype Learn Chinese, memories are listed in pages and each page has a ’memory picture’, so that recall in Skype Learn Chinese is by association. This cue in Skype Learn Chinese is important in letting you know how many words there are, as well as their order and what the list comprises. So, make sure you can repeat the cue list of Skype Learn Chinese whenever you go looking in memory for a word. The mind, automatically, remembers where on a page it saw something and so, the picture of the page in Skype Learn Chinese (in your mind) tells you the order of words and where a word is listed in Skype Learn Chinese. 



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