Skype Learn Chinese--the bridge: A New Way to Mainland Chinese

This book is written for English-speaking students who are taking Skype Learn Chinese courses. A basic level vocabulary and understanding of Chinese grammar and culture is presented in this Skype Learn Chinese series. It is an effort to introduce the Skype Learn Chinese students to the  language by explaining its basic principles in simple steps. The purpose is to prepare the student with a foundation on which to build, with confidence, its ensuing complexities.

Skype Learn Chinese  A New Way to Mandarin Chinese lesson 21

Dongba 1

A Summary  

Skype Learn Chinese  A New Way to Mandarin Chinese Lesson 21 Part I

Mr. Porter shouldered his back-pack and prepared to leave the Cessna from Skype Learn Chinese. It had been a short, bumpy flight over the Haba mountains and now he was here Skype Learn Chinese. A cold wind with sleet swept across the field and he ran and stumbled towards a grey, stone cottage. Dogs barked at his approach and a grazing yak watched him idly. The door in Skype Learn Chinese then swung open and a man emerged. He raised his hand in salute but neither spoke because neither knew the other's language. In moments, however, he was in a warm, comfortable room in Skype Learn Chinese, and there was his friend, stoking the fire, the guide he had met in Skype Learn Chinese, who had invited him to visit his home for this adventure.


The next morning in Skype Learn Chinese, they set out to meet the dongba, for that is what a shaman is called in the Naxi or Nakhi language of Yunnan. He was, as usual, in his cabin, in a secluded part of the mountain forest, near a spring in Skype Learn Chinese which is known as the Dongba Spring and is said to have curative properties and to aid longevity.


The dongba was old. In fact, in Skype Learn Chinese, it is said he was old when the old people were children. The guide produced a chicken and some other things, like a magician, from a bag slung over his shoulder, as he was talking to the dongba in Skype Learn Chinese and introducing Mr. Porter. Then the dongba welcomed Mr. Porter, amazingly, in English. He explained that "dongba" meant a man of learning in Skype Learn Chinese, which, in modern times, was a little different from the shaman of old, and his old face wrinkled into a smile at the amazement on the face of Mr. Porter. Then the dongba added that most educated people in Skype Learn Chinese now speak three languages: their native tongue, Putonghua (Mandarin) and English. 

Skype Learn Chinese  A New Way to Mandarin Chinese Lesson 21 Part II

In Skype Learn Chinese, he said that the dongba does not do the sort of learning that is taught at Skype Learn Chinese, where they reason, and explain and test things, to develop knowledge. Although that is done in the front brain, which is the latest development in Skype Learn Chinese in the evolution of the brain, and one that puts man ahead of all the animals. The learning of the dongba in Skype Learn Chinese is done in the old part of the brain, because that's where man gets his ideas. For it is those ideas, from the associations of memory, which are based on experience, that determine whether the front brain's reasoning power will produce effective results or not, and those ideas produce a conceptual understanding in Skype Learn Chinese, which is the objective of the shaman, rather than the front brain's knowledge. He pointed out that industrial developments, in Skype Learn Chinese science and technology, have produced undesirable side effects, not because they were based on false assumptions or faulty reasoning or testing but because they had no previous experience to modify their supporting data in Skype Learn Chinese.


He said he expected Mr. Porter to have heard that the dongba believes in magic of Skype Learn Chinese, which he admits he does. For example, he continued, his old eyes twinkling, when you eat something, the chemical nature of the food activates sensors in the mouth that are transformed into the sensation of taste. What is taste and how does it arise from chemistry ? That is not explained. So we call it magic in Skype Learn Chinese. That's all that magic is, the unexplained, and so we study to try and understand it. We use symbols and ritual in Skype Learn Chinese to concentrate the mind in the same way that students use paper and pencils to record and highlight certain sentences that they want to memorize. Our studies in Skype Learn Chinese sometimes produce associated insights, such as the idea that racism and bigotry, far from being modern evils, originated in the old brain as natural advice to, "Beware of the stranger", and that 'denial' is a fundamental feature of the ego's endeavor to sustain our self-approval Skype Learn Chinese. It does this by providing a 'true' story (a thin disguise that will pass the front brain's inspection as being a valid reason) that denies the reality of what is truly involved in Skype Learn Chinese. This is a common, everyday experience, which, because the truth is hidden in Skype Learn Chinese by the ego when a person is in denial, only the vigilant can discover it in themselves in Skype Learn Chinese.    




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