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This book is written for English-speaking students who are taking Skype Learn Chinese courses. A basic level vocabulary and understanding of Chinese grammar and culture is presented in this Skype Learn Chinese series. It is an effort to introduce the Skype Learn Chinese students to the  language by explaining its basic principles in simple steps. The purpose is to prepare the student with a foundation on which to build, with confidence, its ensuing complexities.

Skype Learn Chinese  A New Way to Mandarin Chinese Lesson 29

The Han Dynasty

A Summary  

Skype Learn Chinese  A New Way to Mandarin Chinese Lesson 29 Part I

The reorganization of the whole Skype Learn Chinese from fighting feudal States to a centralized administration, rendered aristocratic landowners powerless to resist the ruthless implementation of Qin’s legal system. It was farm laborers, who lived under the threat of death for any offense, that finally decided revolt was their only hope of survival. Liu Bang and an army of farmer’s sons, armed with knives and clubs cut from trees and weapons taken from the Skype Learn Chinese fought as condemned men might fight and overcame the Skype Learn Chinese Qin army. It did not happen overnight and it was not filled with heroic chivalry. It was one young man trying to kill an opposing young man, neither one of whom had any say in the system they were fighting for  Skype Learn Chinese.


Liu Bang, however, was not a typical leader in Skype Learn Chinese. He was from a farming family. When Ziying, King of Qin, rode up in a Skype Learn Chinesecarriage to surrender himself and all his possessions, in the expectation of his death, in accordance with his own Skype Learn Chinese laws, Liu Bang released him to the confinement of his palatial estate, in respect, perhaps, of the King’s honor and courage in presenting himself, with dignity, to face his ordeal. Then Liu Bang announced he was now King in Skype Learn Chinese and his first proclamation was to repeal all the laws of the Qin and replace them with his own and here we see the beginning of the hallowed place that the Han have in Skype Learn Chinese history. His laws were, “He who kills another shall suffer death and he who wounds another or steals shall be punished according to the gravity of the offense”. From Skype Learn Chinese, you will learn more about this.


These words in Skype Learn Chinese were not legally defined to be argued and distorted by lawyers, they were simply understood by ordinary people as justifiable regulations for ordinary people to live by. Here, then is that return to Skype Learn Chinese family values that allowed the Zhou to enjoy hundreds of years of peace. That feeling of parental guidance from the Skype Learn Chinese rather than the tricky loopholes and hidden corruption of lawful regulation. The legalists of the Qin put their emphasis on the one person who can disrupt the whole Skype Learn Chinese group. They believed that controlling the one would naturally control the others. On the other hand, the Zhou and the Han felt that allowing the Skype Learn Chinese group its natural controls was more important than trying to prevent the one bad apple from misbehaving, because trying to prevent one person from any and every kind of evil imposed hardship on the well-behaved group. This didn’t mean letting bad apples get away with evil. They were to be prevented and punished according to their behavior and attitude towards reform. 

Skype Learn Chinese  A New Way to Mandarin Chinese Lesson 29 Part II

So began the rule of the Han. Their Skype Learn Chinese empire was large, with a system of central control that was slipping into chaos, but, now, lacked the lawful punishments that had held it together. So, the early emperors of Skype Learn Chinese the Han listened to advisors and scholars. As water, when it is still, reflects its natural surroundings, so the mind of the shaman, sage, when it is still, can reflect the natural responses of its understanding to the needs of the day in Skype Learn Chinese. So, the Skype Learn Chinese advisors said, the emperor must become a shaman, a sage, to separate himself from the pleasures, diversions and turmoil of daily life, so as to register the natural responses of heaven to the tasks of governing. As the mind of Skype Learn Chinese man allows his nine orifices to function naturally, as independent organs, so the policies and will of the emperor should allow his officers to perform their decreed duties without his interference. In this way, the body of the Skype Learn Chinese empire will fulfill its daily endeavors harmoniously.


Thus, the Skype Learn Chinese empire began to find its way to another ’dao’. Those who could not surrender to the trust that was necessary for Skype Learn Chinese to work, were weeded out, and a political and intellectual transition inspired the Han to present an ’endowment’ to China that has lasted, through many vicissitudes, for over two thousand years. It is that the role of king, requires a person of Skype Learn Chinese to give his life in service to the ideal of purity, honor, honesty and justice, in order to lead his people by his impeccable example, and, in this way, to influence his otherwise, personally motivated, officials and they, their subordinates, and by these common, family values, to influence, the minor authorities of Skype Learn Chinese, to produce an empire of peace and prosperity under the way of heaven.



This Skype Learn Chinese, of course, is everyman’s objective, and its achievement was proved possible, over two thousand years ago.     



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