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We are here to help you to communicate in Chinese effectively for all kinds of needs from daily conversation, working friends, to communication at work, and more!


 TCH personal training


  • Personal lessons are planned based on your level.
  • Flexible schedules can be arranged to fit your time.
  • Lessons are given with One-on-One instructor.
  • Speedy mastery of Chinese


our amazing tutors


We have the best tutors in this field. They have years of experience in what they teach and have been with us for a long time. So we got you covered when it comes to the quality of tutors.

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 Just listen to some of our members talk about the sense of support they get from TCH. With Professor Tian's help, Eric , a product designer from US, is  able to meet his career goals and guarantee his sucess of business in China.

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Some of the common questions our clients have


How is the Chinese class performed?

All Chinese classes are One-on-One task-targeted classes carried out via Skype, Zoom, or Google meet. All you need is a phone(or ipad,a computer )


Who is my tutor?

Your tutor is an experienced professional native Chinese instructor. She(He) is also fluent in English, so you can understand if you don't speak any Chinese.


What text books do you use?

Text books are different based on your goals , we offer Free text books to meet your need at all levels. Get your Free text books if you join us now.


How can I get started?

It is very easy. Just click the green button "FREE Chinese Class" below, and tell us your availbe time, you will get TCH Free Chinese class by Professor Tian.

Are you ready to get started and speak Chinese confidently?

Book a free personal training session and try out our tutors. You will not have to look back after this...