Quality Skype Chinese Class lies in the custom designed program

Quality Skype Chinese Class results from administration of teaching


Skype Chinese Class Teaching

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Chinese Skype Lessons are provided by TIANChineseHomea China-based institution with university professors and professionals. Skype Chinese Class brings personalized and professional Chinese teaching directly to anyone who is planning to learn Chinese language via Skype around the world.

Skype Learn Chinese Course helps you with your Chinese for whatever reasons from cultural understanding to better career opportunities.  


Skype Chinese Class Teaching Philosophy

Skype Learn Chinese Course at TCH aims at cultivating students’ interest and basic communication skills in order to build a solid foundation for more advanced levels.

We believe that quality is our top priority so we are dedicated to offer the best service to teach Chinese Skype with live and workable skills to accomplish practical results.

Teaching Methods to learn Chinese language Skype classes

More –on –One

For TCChinese Skype lessons, more than one tutors are assigned to you at your own pace during different phases of your learning experience. You will have more opportunities to be exposed to different people with different Chinese teaching styles, perspectives , as well as knowledge structures  to cater for your speedy language adaptability to real life situations.

Say-and- Do

To learn Chinese Skype effectively, Say-and- Do is employed by asking you to apply what you are saying to what you are doing during your learning experience and activities. By "Say-and Do", you are putting the conceptual Chinese into meaningful actions, thus stimulating your interest and strengthening your understanding and perception of Chinese.

Learn Chinese Language via Skype--a Chinese-speaking environment

As our instructors are all native professionals based in China, Skype Chinese Class at TCH is surrounded with variety of interesting facts about China and Chinese culture.You will feel our native professionals teach Chinese the same way as you are learning how to speak, read and write Chinese naturally in China.

Learn Chinese Language Skype Classes--a feeling at home

Learn Chinese Skype program at TCH makes you at home while learning Chinese with our passionate and friendly instructors. We are a family; we care about each other;we learn and grow together. You are emerged in a relaxing, enjoyable, and friendly learning atmosphere.

No frustrations! No embarrassment! No pressure! Completely at Home !

Skype Learn Chinese--an enjoyable learning experience

With TCChinese Skype lessons, all you have is the attention, encouragement and professional instructions from your instructors/friends. Every Skype Chinese Class is an enjoyable experience.You are experiencing Chinese, experiencing happiness, and experiencing China. You will meet patient, passionate instructors who eventually become awesome friends.


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Skype Learn Chinese Course
Skype Chinese Class
learn Chinese Skype
learn Chinese Skype
Skype Chinese Class

Learn Chinese language Skype Classes Management Procedures

1 Free Trial Skype Chinese Class

TCH schedules your FREE trial class to experience learning Chinese language via Skype at a time that fits you best.

2 Learn Chinese Skype Assessment

TCH certified professors with rich experience in Skype Learn Chinese Course will assess your current Chinese level, get to know your learning style, your specific requirements, and your expected professional goals.

3 Custom Design Your Skype Learn Chinese Course

TCprogram designer will custom design your Chinese Skype lessons after carefully studying the results of the trial class.We teach Chinese to meet your needs!

4 Assign You a Skype Learn Chinese Course professional Instructor

TCH will assign you an instructor who is most suited to help you to learn Chinese Skype based on your situation, and recommend learning materials to meet your professional goals.

5 Discuss Your Skype Learn Chinese Course Schedule

TCH program director discusses and decides your regular schedule. And your instructor will be on Skype to teach Chinese at the scheduled time. 

6 Supervise, Upgrade

TCH program designer will instruct, supervise your instructor with Chinese Skype lessons Teaching methodologies , and upgrade your learning program through our Skype Learn Chinese Course to accommodate your needs as your Chinese progresses.