Learn Chinese Lessons  Skype Course Team

 Learn Chinese Lessons  Skype Course tearchers inTIANChineseHome are the perfect Work Team. All the staff members are professional native "Skype Learn Chinese" instructors. They are educated and trained in China and have degrees in teaching Skype Learn Chinese Course as a foreign language. All the Skype Learn Chinese instructors are also fluent in English, and understand western culture. They are able to teach Chinese Skype lessons and culture plus provide information about China without language barriers. They are available with expertise on teaching Skype Chinese Class . They understand the science and pedagogy of teaching and have rich experience in making you enjoy each Skype Chinese Class in a relaxing, enjoyable, happy learning environment. We also provide detailed information and aids to those who would like to have business and political information and even to help develop their business in China.

Who are the Skype Learn Chinese Course Team Members?

Learn Chinese Lessons  Skype Course's designer --Professor Tian

I am Pro.Tian, the Skype Learn Chinese team leader, Skype Learn Chinese Course designer, Skype Chinese Class supervisor, and expert on language acquisition & linguistics.I am a university professor certified to teach Chinese as a foreign language granted by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China (advanced level).I am a member of the Chinese Official Data Base qualified for teaching Chinese Skype lessons as a foreign language both in and outside China. I am also an Skype Learn Chinese instructor for Confucius Institutes around the world.I am an experienced teacher with 25 years of teaching experience both in China and abroad. I have former and current students from the U.S, Canada, UK, Germany, India, Mexico, Belgium, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Russia, Luxemburg, Venezuela,and Thailand.I teach advanced levels and custom Skype Learn Chinese Courses.

Learn Chinese Lessons  Skype Course's professional tutor--Yang lao shi

Hello, I am Yang Lao Shi. I was born in Beijing,China.I am a very self-motivated and hard working Skype Chinese Class tutor with two and half years of experience in teaching Chinese Skype lessons at all levels, including conversational Chinese and business related Chinese Skype lessons.I am a friendly and fun person to work with.I like to use the Communicative Language Teaching approach to emphasize the interaction in my Skype Chinese Class. I love giving lessons via skype and all my Chinese Skype lessons are always made more effective and enjoyable by utilising all the multimedia resources we have.I strongly believe that "If I can speak Chinese, so can you!" Join me now and start exploring Chinese with me.

Learn Chinese Lessons  Skype Course's professional tutor--Liu laoshi

Hello, I'm Yan ( Liu Lao Shi ). I've been teaching Chinese Skype lessons at TianChineseHome for more than three years. I have a BA majoring in Teaching Chinese As A Foreign Language. I believe interaction is important in learning Chinese language via Skype. I emphasize the importance of application to real life situation. I am a very easy and fun person to work with. Just join my Skype Chinese Class to find the pleasure of learning Chinese language Skype classes !

Learn Chinese Lessons  Skype Course's professional tutor--Qi laoshi

Hi, I am Qi.I enjoy teaching. I am committed to help my students achieve their goals. By utilizing the modern technology, join me, and learn Chinese language via Skype, and start exploring then fascination of Skype Chinese Class!

Thank You.

Learn Chinese Lessons  Skype Course's professional tutor--Zeng laoshi

Hi, My name is Zeng Siping. My major is teaching Chinese as a foreign language. I enjoy teaching Chinese Skype Lessons. I am passionate, energetic, and patient. I believe communicative approach is critical in teaching a language.I like sports, reading, and watching movies.I am happy girl. I also make people around me happy.We can learn Chinese language via Skype together happily and be friends happily.Welcome to my Skype Chinese Class!

Thank you.

Learn Chinese Lessons  Skype Course's professional tutor--Deng laoshi

Hi, I am Deng lao Shi, a native Chinese speaker from China.My Chinese Skype Lessons are always filled with lively and interesting conversations and activities. We learn Chinese Language via Skype in games especially when working with kids.To be honest, TianChineseHome is indeed a wonderful place for me to realize my dream of becoming a teacher, teaching Chinese Language via Skype to students from around the world.. Here I just follow my heart, share Chinese culture with all kinds of students, and gain brilliant ideas from them. Every time I find my students have better pronunciation or saw their improvement in hand-writing, I yell in my mind“Perfect!”Here, I’m happy just like a child and my soul is dancing in the wind!

Learn Chinese Lessons  Skype Course's professional tutor--Gao lao shi

Hello. I am Gao. I am a native Mandarin Chinese speaker from China. I am a friendly guy with a strong sense of responsibility. I take my job seriously. I believe total immersion is the best way to learn Chinese Lessons  Skype Course well. So in my Skype Chinese Class, I strive to create a Chinese-learning environment to help my students to experience the beauty of Chinese language and culture. However if needed, I will assist students by giving English explanations and instructions. I also strongly believe that interest is essential and crucial to the success of learning Chinese Language via Skype. Therefore I focus on building up the students’ interest as well as helping them improving their Skype Learning Chinese. I am also a fun and humorous person to work with. No pressure and frustration in my Skype Chinese Class. So you will find my Skype Chinese Class always interesting and enjoyable. Personally, I like art and sports.I am fluent in Mandarin Chinese and English. I have three years of work experience. I can teach Beginner to Advanced Chinese.

Learn Chinese Lessons  Skype Course's professional tutor--Wu lao shi

Hello, I am Wu Lao Shi. It's so glad to meet you in TCH.Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language is not only my major but also my dream job. I've been working in TIANChineseHome for about 2 years, and have taught more than 10 students of different levels, from beginners to high level students. Now most of my students are Chinese-American and Chinese descendants, and my main job is to improve their reading and writing skills.I am a patient, warm-hearted girl. In my class, there is no pressure or frustration. Instead, you will find that learning Chinese is interesting and enjoyable. Personally, I like singing, especially singing Chinese folk songs; I also like to dance, Latin Dance is my forte. So my classes are also full of music and laughter.

Learn Chinese Lessons  Skype Course's professional tutor--Prof.Yang

Hello. I am Professor Yang. My responsibilities at TianChineseHome is to offer services on doing business and travelling in China. Good Luck!你好!我是杨教授。我在田字格主要负责有关中国的商务、旅游业务,比如商务信息研究、市场分析调查,以及商务考察旅游、文化体验旅游等。我很喜欢这样的工作,因为我很想让来中国工作、学习、生活的外国人士得到真心、热情、周到的帮助。这一想法源于我2003年在国外的经历所致,当时我得到了很多异国人士的有效帮助,到现在想起一直还心存感激。你有需要请告诉我吧,我会尽一切努力为你提供最大的帮助!!并且,我们也将会是很好的朋友的。祝你好运!!你的朋友:杨教授