Skype Chinese Class Features

All classes at TIANChineseHome are task-targeted classes carried out via Skype. All you need is a computer with connected the internet, a headset, and a Webcam (optional.)

Private Instructor

All the courses are conducted on a ONE-ON-ONE mode. Each class is a private class with your private instructor.

Anytime and Anywhere

You can have class anytime, anywhere so long as you are connected to the internet.

More Approaches

A variety of approaches such as white-board presentations, photos, videos, games are used for different teaching objectives to make sure that each class is enjoyable and fun. The technical supports on computer will all be taken care of by the instructors.

"More–on–One", " Say-and- Do"

More than one tutor are assigned to you at your own pace during different phases of your learning experience, offering more diversity in terms of teaching styles, perspectives , as well as knowledge structures, to cater for your speedy language adaptability to more comprehensive faculty , and language diversity.

Say-and- Do means to teach a language by asking you to apply what you are saying to what you are doing during their learning experience and activities. It is aimed at putting the conceptual language into meaningful actions, thus stimulate your interest and strengthen their understanding and perception of the targeted language.

Excellent Professionals

Prof. Tian: She is a university professor certified to teach Chinese as a foreign language granted by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China (advanced level).

All the staff members are professional native Chinese instructors. They are educated and trained in China and have degrees in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. All the instructors are also fluent in English, and understand western culture.

Many Opportunities

TIANChineseHome also arrange forums for members to exchange information and experience, providing opportunities forTIANChineseHomemembers to practice and improve their Chinese either by introducing pen pals, or arranging face-to face online communications with native Chinese.

Relaxing and Enjoyable

With our flexible methods, rich contents, and humorous instructors, every class is an interesting, enjoyable exploration of Chinese language and culture.

Chinese souvenirs are given as awards to those with excellent performance.

Get started experiencing your Chinese by emerging yourself in a real life learning environment .








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learn Chinese via skype
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Learn Chinese Skype
Learn Chinese Language Skype
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Learn Chinese language Skype Classes
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