Why Is TIANChineseHome?

Easy & Fun

Most people think that Chinese is a really difficult language to learn, but we’ll  show you that it’s NOT. At TIANChineseHome everything is made easy and enjoyable by systematic generalizations, classification, and associations from  pronunciation and grammar to character writing.


Diagnostic Approach

Diagnostic test is provided in the free trial class to test the learner’s language proficiency so that a targeted learning plan is provided for each individual. Special attention is given to the learners’ less proficient areas to achieve all around development through out the learning process.


Custom Design

Each lesson is private and customized to the student based on his/her own needs with flexible schedule. The goal is for each student to be able to communicate in Chinese effectively, whatever their purpose.


Immerging & Experiencing

At TIANChineseHome, learners are experiencing Chinese in a real life atmosphere rather than learning the language by mere repeating and reciting the mechanic drills. Here students learn by emerging yourself in a real-life learning environment.


Professional Native Instructors

The best way to learn a foreign language is to learn it with a native speaker living in the country. The best way to learn it well is with a professional. At TIANChineseHome, we offer both to ensure you speak the real authentic Chinese with NO foreign accent.


The Right Resources

Resources about Chinese are huge, but at TIANChineseHome we select the most helpful, practical resources ranging from Language & cultural, to learning strategies, tools, and tips. You just click the item you want instead of wasting your time searching in the sea of links.










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learn Chinese via skype
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Learn Chinese Skype
Learn Chinese Language Skype
Learn Chinese Lessons  Skype Course
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