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How to ask time in Chinese


Click Here  for its expanded lesson--Can you say “When...”,  “What time...” in Chinese?

“When...”,  “What time...” in Chinese?


Click Here-- for its basic lesson"How to ask time in Chinese"

1.How to say "Hello" in Chinese                                      【Difficulty:★☆☆☆☆】应该如何同熟人或陌生人见面时打招呼、问候 ,非常实用、简单。

 Its basic lessons:

 Its expanded lessons:

1、How to say "Hello" in Chinese

【Difficulty:★☆☆☆☆】应该如何同熟人或陌生人见面时打招呼、问候 ,非常实用、简单。


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How to say "Hello" in Chinese

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