Chinese Immersion 2018


Chinese immersion is a method of learning a foreign language in where the language is spoken. The main purpose of this method is to foster bilingualism, in other words, to develop learners' communicative competence or language proficiency in their foreign language. By immerging completely in a non- stop environment with native speakers, learners learn the language naturally, instantly, and permanently.


What is Chinese Immersion?

Learning Chinese has its assets,and studies suggest that immersion is an effective way to learn foreignlanguages. The student is subjected to non-stop bombardment of the language by native speakers. Complete immersion in where the language is spoken is the bestway to learn Chinese.

Why is Chinese Immersion?

Chinese Immersion Studies show

Learners acquire almost-native-like proficiency

Learners succeed in listening and reading proficiency

Learners understand and appreciate cultures from other countries

Learners get Superior SAT scores and standardized testing

Learners increase their cognitive ability "such as divergent thinking, concept formation, verbal abilities," listening skills "and general reasoning"


Experience diverse culture, Develop International friendship and global perspective 


Custom Design+Flexible Timing


Core Curriculum + Workshop


Chinese speaking environment


Quick mastery of Chinese language


24-hour supervision+Bilingual Instractors


We offer full Chinese immersion experience with a focus on engaging you with Chinese language and culture. Our bilingual counselors are here for your safety and wellness all the time. TIANChineseHome Chinese immersion program is an exciting and engaging learning experience. A combination of Chinese courses and language workshops designed by education experts to accelerate your Chinese language skills. It is an extended experience of our TCH Skype Learn Chinese Course, aiming at enhancing and strengthening your Chinese fluency and efficiency. Students will be fully immersed in Chinese with the help of our professionals who are fun and easy to work with. Healthy and delicious Chinese meals will be ensured the entire program. You will also have an opportunity to learn Chinese cooking! TCH Chinese immersion is a unique experience in which you will be able to meet people with diverse backgrounds and immerse in the beautiful Chinese culture by being a member of a Chinese family.

Chinese Immersion Program

Chinese Immersion Contents:

Situational Chinese Lessons-Core Lessons

·       Chinese Calligraphy  

·       Martial Art (Kong Fu) Lessons

·       Traditional Chinese Music – Cucurbit Flute

·       Chinese Art craft workshops

·       Exciting school adventure!

·       Going into a Chinese family – experience and explore a day of authentic Chinese.

·       A taste of China – making dumplings

·       Field trips

Chinese Immersion Location:

Guangdong Province, China

Chinese Immersion Time:

Flexible time to meet your needs

Chinese Immersion Includes:

·       Courses & Activities : Chinese language, Chinese culture, Chinese Kongfu (Martial Art),  Chinese art, field trips

·        Transportation in China and tickets to attractions

·        Airport pickup and drop off

·        Full board: breakfast, lunch & dinner

·        Accommodation (Host family / hotel)

·        Class materials

·        Chinese painting brush, paper and ink

·        Chinese traditional music instrument

·        24-hour supervision

·        A fun, supportive and safe environment for participants

Chinese Immersion Does not include:

Airfares (between your location and China)

·        Insurances

·        Visa Expenses

·        Personal expense