Skype Learn Chinese--BCT Course

Who needs Skype Learn Chinese--BCT Course

Skype Learn Chinese--BCT Course is for learners who are planning to BCT-Business Chinese Test of all levels

What you learn in Skype Learn Chinese--BCT Course

The structure of BCT

The vocabulary of BCT

Tips of BCT preparations

Skills learned with Skype Learn Chinese--BCT Course

Llistening and speaking skills for test

Reading skills for test

Writing skills for test

Test taking skills

Recommended level of Chinese

For those who would like to take BCT

Teaching method for Skype Learn Chinese--BCT Course

More –on –One

More than one tutor are assigned to you at your own pace during different phases of your Skype Learn Chinese learning experience, offering more diversity in terms of teaching styles, perspectives , as well as knowledge structures, to cater for your speedy language adaptability to more comprehensive faculty , and language diversity.

Say-and- Do

Say-and- Do means to teach a language by asking you to apply what you are saying to what you are doing during their Skype Learn Chinese learning experience and activities. It is aimed at putting the conceptual language into meaningful actions, thus stimulate your interest and strengthen their understanding and perception of the targeted language

Our aim / philosophy of this course

Lessons are focused on how to prepare BCT with practical tips and helpful instructions

We believe that quality is our top priority so we are dedicated to offer the best service to teach live and workable skills to accomplish practical results.


Teacher details of Skype Learn Chinese--BCT Course

Prof. Tian is an expert on language acquisition & linguistics. She is a university professor certified to teach Chinese as a foreign language granted by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China (advanced level). She is an instructor for Confucius Institutes around the world.

All our teachers are Chinese native speakers with a good command of English.  They are university graduates or holding higher degrees majoring in teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. They have at least 3 years of working experience. They are all patient, passionate and dedicated to teach students around the world in a relaxing, fun, and enjoyable way.

Learning Materials of Skype Learn Chinese--BCT Course

One on one Skype chat

Chinese materials for beginners to have Skype Learn Chinese class

Chinese e-books for beginners to help them to learn Skype Learn Chinese class

Various TCH worksheets

Authentic documents (menus, guidebooks, etc).


Price of Skype Learn Chinese--BCT Course

The price of

10 classes

The price of

20 classes

The price of

50 classes

The price of

100 classes


($20 per class)


($19 per class)


($18 per class)


($17 per class)