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Skype Learn Chinese Course
intermediate spoken Chinese

Published by Peking University, this set of textbooks are developed for students in Skype Learn Chinese Course who have already learned elementary spoken Chinese and can communicate in Chinese in Skype Learn Chinese Course in more complex conversations. Each lesson in Skype Learn Chinese Course consists of sample conversations, vocabulary, drill explanation in Chinese, exercises on reading, situation dialogues, games, and more situations you face in your daily life in Skype Learn Chinese Course.








Skype Learn Chinese Course - intermediate spoken Chinese -ebook Contents

Skype Learn Chinese Course - intermediate spoken Chinese-教学内容 Teaching Contents


Skype Learn Chinese Course UNIT 1

Lesson1,认识一下儿 Let me introduce XX to you

练习 Exercises

1:初次见面应该怎样打招呼 How to greet sb at the first time

2: 很长时间没见面怎样打招呼 How to greet sb after a long time

3: 怎样向别人介绍自己的朋友 How to introduce your friend to others

 语法 Grammar

 1: 你好,初次见面! How do you do

 2: 好久不见,你好吗? Its been a long time, How are you?


Lesson 2 是在这儿选课吗? Should I choice the courses here?

练习 Exercises

 1:这学期你有哪几门课? What courses do you have this semester?

 2: 这学期你想选什么课?为什么? Which courses do you want to learn this semester? And why?

 语法 Grammar


I have three courses this semester, there are Lectures on Chinese history, China Introduction and Chinese culture.

 2: 我想选《中国概况》课,因为它有不少中国历史方面的内容,而且不是很难 I want to choice the China Introduction, because it contains a lot of Chinese historys knowledge and its not too difficult for me to understand.    2classes


Lesson3 慢慢就习惯了 Be accustomed to Sth slowly

练习 Exercises

 你来中国以后哪些地方感到不习惯?你是怎么做的? Which things let you feel unaccustomed in China? And how do you deal it?

语法 Grammar

 1:我不习惯这儿晚上娱乐活动少,还有中国人有午休的习惯,但我没有。I feel unaccustomed because there are few amusements in China, and the Chinese are used to going sleep at noon but I don’t.

   2:中午时,我会去学校附近的商店买东西,我想我会慢慢习惯中国人的生活习惯。At noon, I will go shopping in the stores which near the school, I will be accustomed to the Chinese life style slowly.


Lesson 4 你能不能帮我找一个辅导老师? Can you introduce a tutor for me?

Lesson 5 你出门喜欢坐什么车啊? Which kind of vehicle do you like to take when you are out?


Skype Learn Chinese Course UNIT 2

Lesson 6 我想打个电话 I want to make a call.

Lesson 7 你可以寄“特快专递” You can sent the parcel by express mail service.

Lesson 8 我在校外租了房子 I rent an apartment out of school.

Lesson 9 你想买什么样的衣服 What kinds of clothes do you want to buy

Lesson 10 咱们在这儿照张相吧 Let take a photo here!


Skype Learn Chinese Course UNIT 3

Lesson 11 很高兴能到您家来做客 Im so glad to be the guest to your house.

Lesson 12 谢谢你们的热情招待 Thanks for your warm hospitality

Lesson 13 你教我做这个菜吧 You teach me how to do the dishes

Lesson 14 我还是喜欢中国的民歌 I prefer Chinese folk songs

Lesson 15 找一座有名的山去爬 Looking for a famous mountain to climb


Skype Learn Chinese Course UNIT 4

Lesson 16 我们想了解一下儿留学生的周末生活

Lesson17 哪里哪里 My pleasure

Lesson18 我在中国的留学生活 My study life in China

Lesson19 我觉得这是学口语最好的方法 I believe that is the best to learn spoken Chinese.

Lesson 20 看看中国人怎样过春节To see how the Chinese celebrate the Spring Festival












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