The success to a pleasant, convenient, smooth, and safe trip comes from a thorough preparation for your destination in advance.

TCH strives to help you getting well prepared for your trip to China.

Culture Experiencing in China

If you are planning to experience China, TCH will bring you to


*Ordinary & real Chinese homes where you experience Chinese customs, conventions, and typical Chinese life styles.


*Historical places and tourist destinations to learn Chinese history and current situations.


*Places of artistic interest to explore the variety of Chinese arts and appreciations.


TCH also features in customized and specialized theme trips to help you explore and discover your own interests such as Chinese Kungfu, Chinese cuisines, and sight seeing.


Business Trip to China

If you are looking for a business trip to China, TCH is striving to help you succeed in business activities such as 


*China Canton Fair

*Market & production investigation and research

*Product research

*Establishing business relationships with manufacturers

*Route and accommodation planning and consultations


At TCH, we are committed to your success. We have helped many to enjoy their productive, efficient, and successful trips to China.



TCH provides consultations about route, content, itinerary, and accommodation, getting you ready for China.

(You may need some basic Chinese. It’s fun and helpful to learn some expressions about greetings, thanks, bargaining, etc.)   


Half Self-Service

Besides the services offered in Option 1, TCH will provide further services as doing researches, establishing business relationships, making reservations, helping you out resolving problems in your trip.

(Necessary knowledge about related subjects help you better experience your trip.)


Accompanied Service

TCH helps you plan your trip, and have a guide to tour your trip within China with needed services.

(You are coming to China on a business trip, it’s necessary and helpful to have some Chinese business culture training.)


We also offer customized services based on the content our clients are interested in. Please contact us for further information.





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