This training program offers consultation services to both individuals and companies about the basics of doing business in China. TCH is committed to help you succeed in your career in China.



Contents are categorized in the following modules:

1. The backgrounds of the foundations of Chinese society influence of 5000 –year of history, ups and downs, and social events in modern and contemporary China

2. The current political and economic and commercial system and regulation of China

3. The current social structures and organizations of China

4. The core cultural values





Official-oriented system

5. The Characteristics of Chinese people

1).The characteristics of Chinese culture: cohesion, inclusion, and diversity

2).Manifestations of the characteristics of Chinese people: modesty, harmony-consciousness, the doctrine of mean, and the philosophy of collectivism.

3). Proper attitudes taken by foreigners towards Chinese people.

6. Three major issues that Chinese have great concerns about in business activities

Doing favors

Saving face

Using connections

7. Typical Business Issues

1).Coming to the meeting on time ?(time concept)

2).Don’t be too close to me (private space )

3).I’d rather not work extra hours (expressing of ideas)

4).sharing achievement ( Every one shares the profits)

5).ways of communications (business banquet & drinking)

6).This seat is especially preserved for you (seats allocation ) 


We also offer customized services based on the content our clients are interested in. Please contact us for further information about the training contents and methods.









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