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TCH Chinese Program

Chinese Language Training

TCH offers Mandarin Chinese at all levels. Lessons are planned bassed on your level. Flexiblae schedules can be arranged to fit your time.Lessons are given over Skype with one-in-one.


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Pro.Tian--an Expert in Language Acquisition is the chief designer of all courses.



TCH Chinese Program :  "More-on-One", "  Say-and-Do"

TCH Chinese Courses

Paradise Chinese

teaches Chinese through colorful, vivid and interesting pictures and games. This series of lessons include plenty of highly applicable teaching activities appealing to children.

Happy Chinese

is designed for teenagers who are aiming at building their interest and improving their communication ability in Chinese with school-related subjects.

ABC Chinese for Adult

is a beginning Chinese course for absolute beginners who are aiming at learning the very basics of daily conversational Chinese-easy, simple, and short Chinese phrases.  

Chinese in Pinyin

is a course specially designed for those would like to converse in Chinese by learning Chinese with the Pinyin --- Romanized Spelling, without learning the reading and writing of Chinese characters.

Integrated Chinese

is a beginning Chinese course designed for those students with little or no experience. It is aimed to build up your skills in listening, speaking, reading, and reading.

Advanced Comprehensive Chinese

is designed to develop your ability to communicate in Chinese through the study of language structure, function, and related cultural knowledge along with the training of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Conversational Chinese

is a practical course designed to build up students’ spoken Chinese with sentences and phrases for basic communicative needs in China.

Advanced Conversational Chinese

is a powerful course for intermediate to advanced students of Chinese specifically designed to hone listening comprehension skills and encourage discussion in Chinese.

Chinese Reading

teaches advanced students reading articles ranging from political and economic fields to almost all aspects of modern Chinese life, providing insight into Chinese socio-cultural environments.

Chinese Character Writing

teaches the students to learn to write Chinese characters more effectively by introducing strokes, stroke orders, components and structures of Chinese characters, with some peculiarly interesting aspects of Chinese character constructions.

Traditional Chinese

is a comprehensive course designed for those students who are interested in learning Traditional Chinese as used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao.

Chinese Grammar

is designed for those who would like to study Chinese Grammar with the most practical ways of expressing the major structures and functions in Mandarin.

Business Chinese

is designed to teach economic and business language skills needed to communicate effectively in a Chinese-speaking work environment.

Advanced Business Chinese

is designed for advanced learners of Chinese to develop their language skills in a dynamic and communicative context, to understand economic trends and situations in modern China

Business Chinese Conversation

teaches practical words, phrases and expressions commonly used in business Chinese for you to deal with some basic business occasions in Chinese.

Advanced Business Chinese Conversation

teaches business life through conversations and discussions on a variety of topics in Chinese economy and business. 

Chinese for Travelers

is a course that covers basic language skills needed to make sense of and communicate effectively in a Chinese speaking country.

Chinese for Jobs

YCT Course

is designed for those who are preparing for YCT--Youth Chinese Test with practical tips and helpful instructions from YCT (level I) to YCT (level IV).

Chinese Slang

is designed to teach whose students who are in interested in the casual expressions said by native Chinese in their daily life.

BCT Course

is designed for those who are preparing for BCT --Business Chinese Test with practiacal tips and helpful instructions from HSK (level I) to HSK (level V).

HSK Course

is designed for those who are preparing for HSK-- Chinese Proficiency Test with practical tips and helpful instructions from HSK (level I) to HSK (level VI).

 中文课程辅导Chinese HOMEWORK Tuition

offers Chinese homework tuition via Skype. it includes professional tutoring that can help with the students’ daily homework in both traditional and simplified Chinese.


is a comprehensive course designed for those students who are interested in learning Cantonese as used in Hong Kong, Guangdong and Macao.


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TCH‘s student --Jamse’s work
TCH‘s student --Jamse’s work